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Het muzieknootjesbos
Children's songs created by Jeroen Buse

Album: 2 Little Captains and Other Stories

Twee kapiteintjes

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The children's songs on this album are great fun for toddlers and young children. They are cheerful songs that invite to move and sing along.
The songs are sung by Lisa Poelma. Her beautiful and clear voice fits perfectly to these songs!
The lyrics and the music were created and played by me.
The illustrations for the CD and the CD inlay were made by Ramona Treffers ↗. Her beautiful illustration style was exactly what I was looking for for this CD!
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Explanation of the songs
Song 1
Twee kapiteintjes (Dutch title)
Two Little Captains
สองแม่ทัพเล็ก ๆ
It's about two little captains on a ship.
During the song, their ship gets in worse and worse shape, the mast breaks (breaking wood recorded smile ) and the ship becomes a wreckage.
In the last chorus they have no ship anymore, they just float around in a barrel...
The second line of each verse is always the same, meaning:
"And they go to the left, and they go to the right".
Lyrics (in Dutch) ↗
Song 2
Spruitjesaap (Dutch title)
Small Cabbage Monkey
This song is about a small monkey, that does not like bananas, but small cabbage (Brussel's sprouts). The whole family is calling to come into the banana trees, but the little monkey wants small cabbage. So the little monkey searches and searches, here, there and everywhere, with fingers and toes, under rocks and stones, but small cabbage seems nowhere to be found...
But then, finally, the little monkey sees a small cabbage plant, races towards it and plucks a small cabbage sprout. smile
Lyrics (in Dutch) ↗
Song 3
Spruitjesaap in het oerwoud (Dutch title)
Small Cabbage Monkey in the Jungle
This song is the same story and the same lyrics as the second song, but - to depict a jungle - with much more percussion and with various animal sounds that I recorded with permission in Burgers' Zoo ↗.
Lyrics (in Dutch) ↗
Song 4
De krokodil met de lange snuit (Dutch)
The crocodile with the long snout
This song is about a crocodile with a very long snout, who likes to talk very much.
But because of it's long snout, it talks very, very, v-e-r-y slow (the music slows down).
Because of that, everybody falls asleep.
Seeing that, the crocodile gets angry that nobody listens and storms off.
The song ends telling that that's why crocodiles keep their snout under water. smile
Lyrics (in Dutch) ↗
De dierengeluiden op één van de liedjes zijn met permissie opgenomen in Burgers' Zoo Arnhem ↗. In overleg met een vertegenwoordiger van de dierentuin zijn de opnames gemaakt vanuit de publieke ruimte en uiteraard zonder de dieren te verstoren. Je moet dan geluk hebben, en dat hadden we! We hebben prachtige opnames kunnen maken, en tegelijk een fijne dag gehad in deze prachtige dierentuin.
Production information
The master CD was produced from high quality stereo wave (.wav) files.
The CD's were duplicated from the master CD, and provided with a thermal print of the image, by MY Facilities ↗.
The CD inlays were printed by Netzodruk (now Printis) ↗.
Met beide bedrijven had ik eerder samengewerkt (zie de CD A Walk In The Forest ↗) en hun klantgerichtheid en vakmanschap waren wederom fantastisch!